If you're single, you may be more inclined to celebrate this wacky holiday! Today is Male Watcher's Day and there are plenty of things you can do if you really want to watch the guys. So you could do this in a discreet matter or out in the open, but check out a list of suggestions after the jump.

-If you do have to work today, watch some of your co-workers if you get a chance. Maybe there's one you've been dying to get their attention.

-Watch your guy do home improvement projects around the house.

-Go to the mall and just sit on a bench and watch the guys walk back and forth. Guys do it all the time, so ladies it's your turn.

-Go to the gym because there will be plenty of guys you can watch there. Ask one of them to spot you for your strength training exercises.

-Single? Grab a couple of friends and go to a sports bar to watch some males today. Brush up on your sports and maybe start a conversation with one of them.