Here we go, first cereal boxes that light up when you walk by them, now animated tattoos. I currently do not have any tats, but now I just may rethink the whole tattoo thing. You've got to see this thing, check it out after the jump.

As part of whisky brand Ballantine’s 'Leave an Impression' campaign, Paris-based tattoo artist Karl Marc seared a QR code onto his friend Marco’s chest.

Marc says the whisky company approached him and asked if he would be interested in executing the tattoo — a QR code that unlocked an animation when scanned — via a live stream on the brand’s Facebook Page. The brand is doing similar events with other artists, from ice sculptors to graffiti artists.

“What makes this tattoo special is not just that it links to an animation,” Marc says. “It’s that we will be able to change the animation as time goes on. As Marco grows older and his ideas change, we can create new animations that link to the Matrix Code.

Judging by the video above, the tat was a success. Check out the video.