Most of us haven't even bought our Halloween candy yet, but retailers are busy with plans to kickoff this year's holiday shopping frenzy. For the first time in 155 years, you can throw this major retailer into your pre-Black Friday itinerary.

Macy's has been the one big holdout as stores drag employees away from friends and family on Thanksgiving to get the holiday shopping season started earlier and earlier every year.

According to a memo sent to some Macy's employees however, that 155 year tradition will end this year. In preparation for a 8pm opening on Thanksgiving, workers are being asked about their availability to work beginning at 7:30pm on Thanksgiving evening.

Earlier this month, Macy's CEO Ted Lundgren told reporters that he will never say "never" about an earlier store opening. When store doors open at 8pm on Thanksgiving, they will remain open to shoppers for a full 24 hours.

Look for an official statement from Macy's this week.