Happy Birthday, Mackinac Bridge!

The bridge that connects us 'trolls' with the UP celebrates it's opening to the public 59 years ago today. It seems that everyone has a story about this bridge. Weather it is your great grand father worked on it, or you heard from a reliable source that a VW Beetle went flying off it during a super windy day, if you are a Michigander, you got a 'Mighty Mac' story.

I have fond memories of crossing the bridge while going on vacation into the wild UP when I was a kid. My parents would load up my sister and I, and head out on the road to go camping and take in the sights. One tourist sight when you cross the bridge is Castle Rock. My dad and I are not big fans of heights, so it was a great lesson in trying to do something that you are fearful of while nervously laughing and trying not to pass out and taking in gorgeous views. After accomplishing that and posing for pictures at the feet of Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan, we would embark on what the rest of the UP had to offer.

We love you Mackinac Bridge! You connect us all to one of the many treasures that Michigan has to offer and you look fantastic too.