Lying to yourself or self-deception as psychologists call it can actually have benefits. And nearly everybody does it according to research using new experimental techniques.

How honest are you with yourself? Take the quiz after the jump.Answer on a seven-point scale, with 1 being 'not true,' 4 being 'somewhat true,' and 7 being 'very true.'

1. My first impressions are always right.

2. I don't care to know what other people really think of me.

3. Once I've made up my mind, other people can seldom change my opinion.

4. I am fully in control of my own fate.

5. I never regret my decisions.

6. I am a completely rational person.

7. I am very confident of my judgments.

ANSWER KEY: For each question give yourself one point for answering six or seven. The higher you score the more self- deceptive you tend to be.