"It was literally like an Indy pit crew," said Mike Kachles, a spokesman for the Boward County Fire and Rescue unit.

Those words are being used to describe the scene after the drivers of a PT Cruiser pulled to the side of the road with steering problems and discovered that their issue was not mechanical in nature!

A couple in Florida drove for about five miles in their PT Cruiser, and then pulled over with what they thought were steering issues. Imagine their surprise when they discovered that the car's problem was not mechanical.

There was a puppy trapped between the axle and the car's steering mechanism.

Rescuers from the Bowards Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue team were able to rescue the puppy, who appeared to be uninjured!

It's not clear where the three month old puppy came from, or who she belongs to. The drivers of the car do not have a dog. Her rescuers think that she crawled underneath the car because she was afraid of Fourth of July fireworks. Her new name is Independence, and she has been placed in a foster home until someone adopts her.

Watch her dramatic rescue below!