If you've been waiting and waiting to make a wish on a shooting star, tonight's your night! In fact, you may want to have a few wishes ready for the next few nights. The Perseid meteor shower will peak around midnight tonight and tomorrow night (August 12 & 13). Just look toward the Northeastern sky.

Our friends at Longway Planetarium have some great tips for enjoying a meteor shower. Planetarium Manager Buddy Stark tells us:

1) Get away from populations. To really enjoy a meteor shower you need to be far away from the lights of towns. Heading North is better for the Perseids because that will put the lights of Flint to your South.

2) Give your eyes time to adjust to the dark. 7 full minutes for younger eyes and up to 20 for aging vision. If you glance at a cell phone screen then reset the clock.

3) Think about your comfort. Bug spray is a good call when outdoors for long periods. If you aren’t comfortable sitting on the hood of your car, bring camping chairs. Dress in layers. It may be August but it can get chilly in the late hours.