* * Update 2/6 * * ABC-12 reports that Beck's wheelchair was returned to him Wednesday. (2/5)

Pastor Keith O'Neal of the Flint Good Samaritan Network has made it his goal to get a new wheelchair for Thomas Beck. The 33-year-old man's wheelchair was stolen from outside his Flint home Sunday.

"It's how he gets around, it's his legs, and when they stole the wheelchair, they stole Thomas' legs," O'Neal told WNEM. "We need to find a wheelchair that helps Thomas get to where he needs to get, even in the winter time."

Thomas Beck has relied on a wheelchair his entire life. He lost his legs because of medical complications when he was just three days old.

Beck said that having a wheelchair would help him get back to being self-sufficient -- something he's always taken pride in. Beck will celebrate his birthday this weekend. O'Neal and Beck hope to be able to replace the stolen wheelchair by then.

If you're able to help, contact Pastor O'Neal through the Good Samaritan Network's website.

- George McIntyre
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