Monday, Cars 108 was on hand for the 30th Anniversary of Dr. Ralph Burgess. He has been maintaining the smiles of many in the Flint area since 1981.

With his amazing bedside manor, sense of humor and incredible work, Dr. Burgess has kept patients coming back for three decades.

My father, Dave Fenech, used to be the Opinion Page Editor of The Flint Journal, and showcased Dr. Burgess in a feature article when he first opened his doors 30 years ago.  The funny thing is, he hasn't aged a bit!  Its fitting that I was able to be on hand for the 30th anniversary celebration and write an article on Dr. Burgess like my dad did all those years ago.

During our live broadcast we had giveaways, refreshments, and the opportunity to meet and interact with the good doctor and his staff.  He actually blocked out appointments until after 5pm making him available for questions and to celebrate with his patients and staff.

Welcoming, comfortable, painless, caring, and friendly are just a few of the words his patients used to describe this one in a million dentist.  Moving around from state to state I have seen several dentists, none of whom compare as far as compassion and overall quality of work.

Considering I was one of his first patients, I know from experience what an amazing team this is.  If you're in the market for a dentist, or not happy with your current dentist, I would strongly suggest you contact Dr. Ralph Burgess.  He's just as fun, youthful and caring as he was when I first went.  Just more experienced!