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There are many living legends in Flint known for many things. I could have gone have in a lot of different directions when picking my top five local living legends; I choose to keep it upbeat and positive. Here are my top five picks for Flint’s living legends. Who would you have picked?



Al Kessel

"...because, we're with you!"
I am sure you remember the face and the voice even though Al doesn’t live in the Flint area anymore, he will always be remembered as a big personality in our market. Al Kessel founded Kessel Food Market in 1981 in Saginaw. The American grocery chain was managed by Al, who was a very hands-on operator and worked closely with his family in managing the over 20 stores in Mid-Michigan. In 2000, Kroger purchased twenty stores from the Kessel chain and remodeled many of the stores. Al Kessel was a community leader and will always be remembered by this store slogan “we’re with you.”

Don and Patsy Lou Williamson

Former Mayor and wife team. "Don't buy no ugly truck!"
The legendary power couple that everyone in Flint recognizes is Don & Patsy Lou. Don has owned several businesses in Flint throughout the years and Patsy Lou is the current owner of a large auto dealership in Flint Township. Don was the mayor of Flint from 2003 to February 2009 and Patsy Lou ran for state senate in 2006. They have been part of our community for over 45 years and are legendary business owners.
Graff and Son
Hank Graff Davison Website

Hank Graff

Legendary Auto Dealership Owner
Is it a leprechaun, it is a New Year’s baby…or is it Hank Graff? Hank is legendary for his creative commercials and unique gimmicks to sell automobiles in the Flint area. The Graff name has been prominent in Flint, Michigan automobile circles for almost a century. The automotive success of the Graff family began in 1914 and the visibility was heightened when Max H. (Hank) Graff, Jr., graduated from Michigan State University in 1969 and joined the dealerships after teaching two years in the Flint School. He became General Manager in 1975 and the legendary commercials we all will remember began.
J. Patrick

J. Patrick

Program Director | On Air Talent Cars 108 | WCRZ-FM
A household name in our community as the “voice” you always recognize. J. Patrick, Program Director of our heritage radio station WCRZ and the host of the Cars Classic Lunch has been a local radio personality for over 30 years and is loved by his listeners in Flint. He has given back to community in so many ways through participating in charitable events as the emcee you always recognize and enjoy…Yeah, “that’s J. Patrick, the guy on the radio.”
BIll Harris
Bill Harris Facebook

Bill Harris

Former news anchor on ABC-12 | WJRT
Bill was a 34-year veteran as a news anchor on ABC12 and one of the state’s most competent journalists and beloved community leaders. It was a sad and controversial day in Flint when Bill Harris was released from his duties as news anchor at ABC 12 in April of this year. However, his sad release is not why he is living legend in Flint. Bill is a local legend because he is a kind-hearted soul that as always given back to the community and people will always remember his passionate and professional delivery of the news as we all turned in each evening over the last 34 years.