Michigan-based Little Caesars hopes to continue its five-year run as the nation's fastest-growing pizza chain with a new deep-dish offering it calls 'Deep!Deep! Dish.'

Little Caesars' new product is actually a Detroit-style pan pizza, featuring a crunchy outer crust that's chewy in the middle, much like Jet's. The Detroit model also differs from Chicago-style deep dish insofar as it's square rather than round, yielding four corner pieces. Each box of Deep!Deep! will contain two square pies, baked in newly-designed pans.

Caesars began rolling out the new product Monday (4/1) and a call to Little Caesars in Swartz Creek (Is it sad that I have their number stored on my cellphone?) confirms that Flint-area stores are carrying it.

Dave Scrivano, president and CEO of the chain, told the Detroit Free Press, "I really believe this will be the biggest product introduction in the company's history."

- George McIntyre
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