I still get chills when I think of what could have happened to this little boy. This family cat is a true hero!

A California family is very lucky to have their four year-old son still alive after a neighbor's dog attacked the boy and dragged him off his tricycle.

Roger and Erika Triantafilo are calling their family cat, Tara, a hero. The life saving cat was a stray kitten that the family rescued when it followed them home from a neighborhood playground when Jeremy was still a baby. I guess you could say that Tara was repaying the favor.

Little Jeremy suffered two deep lacerations on his leg and required ten stitches, but he is doing very well.

Incredibly, Roger and Erika have no plans to sue the owners of the dog that attacked their son. They say that insurance covered most of costs of Jeremy's medical treatment and they just want their neighbors to cover the $155 deductible. The Triantafilos and the dog owners are still friends. The dog will be put down.

Meet the Triantafilo family and their heroic cat in the video below.