After the first half, all I could say was that these looked like the "same ole Lions" that I grew up with. .....but, their second half comeback to defeat the Vikings 26-23, was something we have not seen from these Lions in decades. After fumbles, interceptions, and bad penalties in the first half, the Lions turned it around. What an amazing comeback on the arm of Matthew Stafford, and the catches of Calvin Johnson. It took them overtime to finish off the Vikings, but Jason Hanson's field goal in overtime moved the Lions to 3-0 for the season and left them one of four undefeated teams in the NFL.These Lions just might be for real. It's still early in the season, but it has been years since the Lions started 3-0 and actually put fear in the other team. The Vikings on the other hand, fell apart with the lead for the third time in three weeks. The Lions now lead their long has it been since we've been able to say that?