In this age of headlines that scream of union busting, price gouging and over the top bonuses for the head honchos, it's been very easy to form a healthy and hearty aversion for a lot of the things that come down from corporate America. Finally, along comes a good story about a big company that had the compassion to make the dreams of a 10 year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome come true. Hit read more to get the story. Better the video!


It took two years of saving every nickle and dime from allowances and birthday money for James Groccia to accumulate the $100 that he needed to purchase the Lego set of his dreams, the Emerald Night Train set.  The ten year-old with Asperger's Syndrome searched everywhere for the set, but had no luck. Eventually he learned that Lego had discontinued The Emerald Night Train set, and the only ones available were considered 'collectors' and prices started at $250. Faced with another two years of saving for his dream, James decided to write a letter to Lego instead. In October, a box arrived on the Groccia's front porch, and you can probably guess what was inside! Watch the video below to see the look of excitement on James' face.