Being legally blind has presented some hurdles for Will Roth, but the 13-year old seems to take it all in stride. Although Will's participation in outdoor activities has been limited over the last year, he continues to do well in school and plays in the band at Swartz Creek Middle School.

As Will began sixth grade, he was diagnosed with Cone-Rod Dystrophy. The rare genetic disease has manifested as blurry spots in Will's central vision, leaving him with only peripheral vision. His mom, Dana Roth, tells us that the blurry spots will eventually grow into one large spot, and obscure his entire central vision field.

We sat down with Will and his mom (video below) to talk about his journey, and to get more information about an electronic product that can help him see. Through an online crowdfunding campaign set up by eSight, the Roths hope to raise $15,000 to buy Will the eyewear that can restore some normality to his life.

So far, Will's story has been well received, as family, friends, and even strangers have contributed over $10,000 to his online campaign. "I would like to say thank you to everyone who has donated, and anyone who may donate," Dana Roth said. "It truly means the world to me and my family, especially Will."

You can read more about Will's journey here, and follow this link to donate to his campaign.