He didn't hurt anyone. He didn't commit a violent crime. HE DIDN'T DESERVE THIS! Unable to pay a fine, David Stojcevski was sentenced to 30 days in Macomb County jail for obstruction of justice. His parents made a decision to exercise tough love and not visit their son while locked up, figuring that the corrections department would provide him with life's essentials during his difficult life lesson. At the very least, they'd make sure he had access to his medicine... right?

Sadly, even though he was under constant surveillance, he was under video surveillance. But some wonder if the inmate on suicide watch was ever monitored by human eyes. Robert Ihrie, the senior partner at the law firm handling the suit, on behalf of David Stojcevski’s family said, “This is shameful, substantial and unconscionable neglect.”

David was on medicine that is often prescribed to people who suffer from addiction, and it's pretty powerful stuff. The kind of drug that you can just stop taking, you have to be weened off of it. Without his prescribed methadone treatment, Stojcevski died of benzodiazepine withdrawal. When asked about the wrongful death lawsuite, all that local media could get from Sheriff Anthony Wickersham's office was 'No comment.'

This infuriates me to a level of mad I don't often get to, but this is 100% inexcusable. As a recovering addict myself, I can't help but wonder what David might have accomplished had he had the chance I got... to finally live life through sober eyes. Get more on this horrific situation in the WDIV report below, but please watch at your own discretion.

WARNING: This video is graphic in every sense of the word. Watch at your own discretion.

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