What is it about a pregnant woman's stomach that makes some complete strangers so intrusive, and does Michigan need a law like this?

Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows the drill. First come the intrusive questions from complete strangers who seem to think that they are entitled to know things like is this your first? When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? Are you having twins? Then come the real life horror stories, like my ex-sister in-law's cousin was in labor for 9,000 hours and the fire department had to use the jaws of life. And then, sometimes, comes the very awkward moment of touching your pregnant tummy.

All of this fascination with an expecting mother's baby bump has prompted the state of Pennsylvania to reenact a law that makes it illegal to touch a woman's pregnant stomach. It's meant to be enforced when someone annoys, harasses or alarms a pregnant woman in the act of touching their baby bump.

More in the video below.

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Moms, you tell us. Is a law like this needed in the state of Michigan?