It's sad that we have to try to explain these horrible events, but this deputy did a great job and thanked his community for the support.

Lapeer County Sheriff Deputy, Jeremy Howe, had to explain to his son what is going on in the world. I can only imagine that conversation is hard as a father, but as a cop as well? Yikes. Please take a look a the letter Deputy Howe wrote about that conversation that was published in the local paper:

"On 7/12/16 I woke to up to the news of 12 police officers being shot with 5 of them making the ultimate sacrifice. As I was processing what I was watching, when my 9 year old son had woken up and sat down on the couch next to me. I then turned my attention to his reaction. He watched for a few moments and turned to me asking, "Someone killed 5 police officers?" I simple replied, "Yes." He then turned his head and diverted his attention back to the television. I was fixated on him at this point. I was curious to see how a 9 year old boy, a son of a police officer, would react to this tragedy. A minute later he looks back at me. His eyes completely flooded with tears and he asks me, "Why would someone shoot 12 police officers?" I could hear the quiver in his voice and could see the pain in his face. He continued to say, "Police officers help people, why would someone kill them?" My son's reaction shook me to my core as a father and as police officer. I could feel my son's pain. I knew that his mind was racing and that he is fearful for me and my brothers and sisters. I had to have a very open conversation with him that most parents don't ever have to have with their children. I had to explain to him that I love what I am. That a police officer is not simple a job, it's who we are. I had to explain to him that I didn't necessarily want to die, but I would be willing to make that sacrifice if it meant trying to save someone else's life. I have accepted that and that's who police officers are.

I could go on and on about all the dangerous situations I've been in and all the horrific things that I have been exposed to but that's not the reason I decided to write this letter. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in many different demographics. I have worked in the very rural areas of Sanilac County to the inner city of Flint. I have loved serving those communities and have found great people in every community I have ever worked in. After learning about the cowardly ambush in Dallas, I was curious to see how my community, the community that I protect, would respond. I have to say, I could not be more proud of the reaction that I have received from the people of Lapeer County. People don't realize how important the citizens are to us. We are not rewarded by what we get paid; we are rewarded when someone walks up to us with their hand out saying, "Thank you." We need that, not only as police officers but as human beings. I love the people of this community and could not be more proud to serve here. So I wanted to say, "Thank you for the love and compassion that you have showed us!"

- Deputy Jeremy Howe