It's not everyday you get a chance meeting with your heroes, but this kid totally got one.

A quick stop for gas at  M&N Market in North Branch by Gavin's mom, made for a very eventful day. Gavin, was able to meet Officer Covert. Officer Covert is one of the many Lapeer County Sheriff deputies who patrol the area of Deerfield Township in Lapeer County. Gavin really looks up to Officer Covert because Gavin wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Officer Covert, upon learning this fact from Gavin, began to show him his cruiser, talked to him about school, and sent him on his way with a badge because, as Officer Covert put it, every officer needs a badge.

I learned about this chance encounter through Gavin's mom, Keli Garrison of Fostoria, and I am so proud of the fact that we have great officers in our community that would take the time to show some kindness and friendship to a child who is curious.

Keli Garrison via Facebook

Thank you, Officer Covert and the Lapeer County Sheriff Department for being great people while protecting our community. I'm sure in a few more years, you'll have a new officer in your ranks.