By law, children have to be buckled in everywhere else. Should a school bus be any different?

New proposals introduced in March, House Bills 5436-5437, or "The Pupil Transportation Act" would make it mandatory that all children wear seat belts on a school bus. State Representative Robert Kosowski, the bill's sponsor says "I firmly believe that our children's safety is probably more important than anything that we can do in a school system." He thinks that kids should have to wear a seat belt on a school bus the way that they have to wear one while riding in their parent's car.

On the other side, many people, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, say that seat belts would offer very little protection to children on a bus. School buses currently depend on compartmentalized high padded seats as a safety standard. Cost, too is a big factor and seat belts on buses would mean that fewer children would fit.

Six states already require seat belts on school buses. Should Michigan be number seven?

More on this new proposal in the video below.