It looks like Lake Orion school district is thinking about going year-round and wants parents to consider making the change. According to Metro Source, a task force has been put together to see if this would be a good or bad thing. 

Superintendent Marion Ginopolis says quote, '"I want the proposal to get a fair chance.'"  A decision could be made by December and if they pass the proposal, Lake Orion Community Schools would be the first district to go year-round at all of its schools.

We talked about it this morning and several of you called and sent us messages on Facebook. We did find out that an elementary school in Davison actually goes year-round, but it's the only one in the district. Several teachers said they would be all for year-round school in Flint, but said it could be hard to convince a lot of parents.

We posted on Facebook: "Parents in Lake Orion school district are being asked to consider going to year-round instruction. They should know by December if they'll make the switch." Here are a few comments from our Facebook page:

While most of you seemed to like the idea, Ed was the only one against it:

It should be interesting to see what the parents decide in Lake Orion. If it does pass, other districts in the area may also consider going year-round.