Lady Gaga will appear on the season finale of ‘The Simpsons’ on FOX on Sunday, May 20. She will be playing herself and has taken along a complete wardrobe change for the show, totaling 18 separate outfits.  FOX has released an image of Gaga from her episode exclusively via EW and she looks fashion forward, even as a cartoon.

When Lisa becomes a social outcast on the show, it is Lady Gaga to the rescue.

Lady Gaga is going to Springfield to meet Homer and the crew. I'm sure she has a lesson for them to learn. An what collection of shoes, wigs, and accessories will Mother Monster dig out of her closet? That’s the real reason we’ll be glued to the TV, checking out the garments she will sport on the show.

Perhaps she can lend Lisa some fashion advice? Or maybe a Gaga makeover? It should be fun!