Magical unicorns, colorful kittens and polar bears...oh my!
Not gonna lie, I thought this was a rumor. There's a LOT of nostalgia from my childhood that is "rumored" to come back - including a Beetlejuice sequel. So, naturally, I don't believe anything until I see it. But this? This is REAL.

Lisa Frank is back on the shelves. You can buy the adult coloring book at Dollar General...

...or you can WEAR it.

Now, I have to admit - I don't think I would EVER wear Lisa Frank at my age. And it's not just an age thing; I had some Lisa Frank folders when I was in elementary school, but I probably wouldn't have worn it then, either.

The sizes and prices are a little bit wonky, IMO. However, it looks like they've already dropped some of the prices.  But, if it's your jam, GO FOR IT! Definitely a conversation starter! Check out the full collection HERE.