It might be easier to ask who hasn't fed their kids Kraft macaroni and cheese! The familiar blue box is a family favorite. I wonder if you will still let your kids eat it after you read this story.

Two of the ingredients in the beloved blue box are synthetic substances that could be dangerous to children's health. Color dyes yellow 5 and yellow 6 have been linked to asthma, migraines, hyperactivity and even cancer. It is interesting to note that the Kraft macaroni and cheese that is sold overseas does not contain the toxic dyes because of tougher regulations.


If you would like to sign the petition started by Mrs. Leake and Ms. Hari titled "Kraft; Stop Using Dangerous Food Dyes In Our Mac & Cheese", you may do so here. The petition currently has 151,554 signatures.

Will you still serve your family Kraft macaroni & cheese?