A product mix up is the reason for a huge recall just issued by Kraft Foods.

Details here.

Yesterday, Kraft Foods announced a recall that affects 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Wieners. They are warning consumers that packages labeled as Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners may contain Classic Cheese Dogs instead. Product labels may be incorrect and will not reflect the pasteurized cheese ingredients found in their cheese dogs.

The recalled wieners were produced on March 2 and March 3, 2014 and were distributed to retail stores and distribution centers nationwide.

Here's what to watch for...

***16oz consumer packages of "Classic Wieners Made with Turkey and Chicken, Pork     Added" with a product code of "044700000632" and a "Use BY 16 June 2014" date.

***Cases of 16 oz packages of "Classic Cheese Dogs Made With Turkey and Chicken, Pork added, and Pasteurized Cheese Product" with a "USE BY 16 June 2014" date and the case code "00447000005300."

People with any questions regarding this recall are asked to call Kraft Consumer Relations at 855-688-4386.