It's an unofficial holiday, "Kiss A Ginger Day" today. How are you going to celebrate? **cracks open a Vernors**

Redheads with pale skin often get the taunt "Ginger" thrown at them on a daily basis. I'm sure you've heard it on the playground when you were a kid or even in the office thrown about. Well, today, there is an unofficial holiday to show your love of "Gingers".

Today is "Kiss A Ginger Day" which all started way back in 2009 as a Facebook group to contrast a different celebration all together "Kick A Ginger Day".  The holiday encourages people to show redheads love with a kiss or other form of affection.

Now, whether or not you are a practicing "Ginger Lover", you can see the Internet has exploded with all kinds of fun today in celebration of our pale friends:

Even ginger kitties are getting love today:

However you celebrate today, if you see this guy, send him my way. DIBS!!