Pop Tarts are billed as a breakfast food, but they're perfectly acceptable as lunch, dinner or a snack in my world as well! Imagine my delight when I heard that Kellog's is ready to debut two new Pop tart flavors to their already impressive lineup.

Peanut butter and jelly Pop Tarts were discontinued back in 1986, but peanut butter is still the most requested flavor from Pop Tart lovers according to Dick Podiak, director of marketing for Pop Tarts.

To fulfill those requests, Kellog's has announced the addition of two new flavors of Pop Tarts. Both flavors of the "Gone Nutty" varieties have peanut butter filling. One is then coated with sugar crystals, the other is frosted with chocolate and also features a chocolate crust.

These two new Pop Tart varieties, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Frosted Peanut Butter, should be on your favorite grocer's shelves very soon.

When was the last time you enjoyed a Pop Tart? Do you have a favorite variety? Will you try these new "Gone Nutty" flavors?