We've had Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk.....and now Katy Perry will soon star in her own comic book. Will she leap buildings in a single bound? Is she faster than a speeding bullet?

MTV reports that her appearance in the comic book will actually be about her life and her rise to fame. The comic book is unauthorized and it comes from Bluewater Comics, titled,  ‘Fame: Katy Perry.’

Katy Perry is the most recent star to make the comic book scene. Others like  Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber were not so happy and sent Bluewater cease-and-desist letters. Bluewater did not get consent to use their names and images.

It sounds like Perry’s comic book will have a lot of the same material as her ‘Part of Me’ documentary. If it touches on her recent performances of ‘Part of Me,’ it will probably have a lot of traditional comic book hero elements!