Regardless of whether or not you're a Katy Perry fan, prepare to have your heart melted! Sure, Comedy Central's 'Night of Too Many Stars,' taped last Saturday in New York, is packed with laughs. But it's Katy Perry's duet with Jodi DiPiazza, an 11-year-old girl with autism that brought the audience to its feet.

DiPiazza's parents said their daughter was diagnosed with autism just before her second birthday, and were told not to expect too much. Doctors predicted the girl would likely not be able to learn to talk. Now, she's thriving, taking piano and voice lessons at New York City’s Mannes College of Music Prep School.

Host Jon Stewart and many others were moved to tears, and the audience gave Perry and DiPiazza a well-deserved standing ovation after their performance of 'Firework.'

Comedy Central's 'Night of Too Many Stars' raises money for autism education programs, and airs this Sunday night at 8.

- George McIntyre
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