By now you've heard of Kanye West's engagement to Kim Kadashian. What you probably haven't heard is how much the huge gesture cost!

Kanye proposed to Kim in private at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Monday. Kanye rented out the stadium, had a 50-piece orchestra come in and then had post-engagement fireworks. The total cost for the stadium rental, orchestra and fireworks? Over $200,000. The biggest cost however is Kim's engagement ring. Estimates for the 15-carat ring are coming in at $6 million!!

Some of the 50 guests (family and friends) that Kanye invited to celebrate the momentous occasion say it was well worth it as Kim was completely surprised with comments "it was magical" and the "most romantic thing ever - the ultimate surprise."

This got us thinking. What's important to you when getting engaged? Is it the ring? The proposal? Let us know in the comments below.