It's a therapy that's been around for centuries, and in this age of flesh eating super bugs and our bodies' growing resistance to antibiotics it's making a surprising comeback in hospitals across the country. It's called Maggot Therapy, or Larvae Therapy for the squeamish. Learn more about this unique form of medicine after the jump.

You can't get much more organic or homeopathic than maggots. Medical maggots, or for the squeamish, Larvae Therapy. Think about what maggots do. They eat infected, dead tissue, which makes them the perfect cleansing agent for wounds in which antibiotics have failed. If you have a weak stomach don't watch the video, but if you are intrigued it will show how well this procedure actually works.



Doctors say Larvae Therapy is a quick and safe alternative to chemical and surgical procedures. One doctor went as far as to call the maggots  "microsurgeons"! Medical maggots are also much cheaper, usually around $100, and covered by most medical insurance plans. Medical providers hope that people try to look past the "gross factor", and opt for this very unique form of treatment.

Would you take advantage of this treatment? It's safe, effective, and cheap, but could you get past the "I'm going to throw up" aspect of the medical maggot therapy?