The month of June is Dairy Month, 30 days to promote the health and financial benefits of dairy products and the dairy industry. Dairy products are a great source of calcium and vitamin D, and also provide protein to your diet.

Farming is a big industry in our state, and many of the dairy foods that you consume are produced close to home.

I love a big glass of ice-cold milk on a hot day, especially chocolate milk! Cheese is produced in many places in Michigan and ice cream is a summertime favorite. I love Rocky Road and Moose Tracks. Butter is also made from dairy, I prefer to use the real stuff when I bake instead of the artificial ingredients found in "butter substitutes." It may have a few more calories, but I know where butter comes from.

Enjoy a big glass of cold milk, an ice cream cone, or a chocolate chip cookie made with real butter. Celebrate National Dairy Month with natural, locally made products.