Seems like John Mayer is really turning his act around these days.

Hot on the heels of the news that he dedicated a love song in concert to on-again girlfriend Katy Perry, the singer recently surprised a fan by buying her a brand new guitar.

After his recent performance on 'TODAY' Mayer and Perry headed over to Rudy's Music in Mahattan  where they ran into 16-year-old Julie Fermin. The pair chatted with Fermin - an aspiring musician - with Mayer asking the teen about her interests in music and about what instruments she played. In the course of conversation, Mayer asked which guitar she liked best and then BOUGHT it for the teen without her knowledge!

Fermin didn't even find out about the purchase until after Mayer and Perry left the store and an employee surprised her with it. She tweeted her reactions which you can see here. Priceless.

Pretty cool move by Mayer!