This gives me a sick feeling in my stomach and is way beyond just "poor sportsmanship".

A pair of football players from San Antonio's John Jay High School have been suspended from the team -- and from school -- for intentionally hitting a referee during a game last Friday. Video of the incident, which you can see below, has gone viral.

Not sure why these young men decided to do this to a official, but I'm sure whatever the reason was, it wasn't warranted. Here's what the San Antonio Express News said about the outlandish events:

Late in Jay’s 15-9 loss at Marble Falls, one defensive back ran from 7 yards away into the back of an official watching a run play unfold 9 yards in front of him. After the referee fell to the turf after the first hit, another player standing to the right of the referee and several yards away led with his helmet and dove into the official."

This hit was delivered by these two idiots when there was about one minute remaining in the game. Game. The GAME. Notice that I called this what it is. A football GAME. It is just a GAME! There is no reason for any of this despicable behavior.

These two kids need to be taught a lesson in real life. As far as I know, these young men were kicked out of the game and are suspended from school pending an investigation with the school. I hope that the school district decides to send a message to these two players and punishes them severely.