As a parent, there are so many things that we look forward to and dread at the same time. Some could be considered landmarks, others more like milestones, and some can even be both. This week, I think my wife and I have hit a double-header!

There are so many milestones that parents look forward to, like their child's first words and first steps. There are other occasions that some parents are counting down the hours to. For example, their first day of school (any year, not just kindergarten), when they can finally drive themselves, when they graduate (at least high school), and the best one... when they move out.

My wife and I are very proud of all our kids and all of their achievements. But it wasn't until our youngest, Parker, made his recent achievement. Of the three kids, he seemed to be to most resistant of potty training. About a week ago, we decided to go full force (uh... pardon the pun), by allowing only underwear during the day, and diapers at night. But the cunning young lad would 'hold it' until we diapered him at night. I thought his tactics were a bunch of crap.

We then decided that enough is enough! We told him that he had to wear underwear all night, every night. There was no chance for a distant diaper dump in the corner, no way to hide a secret yet stinky number two in his size fours. For some reason, that got his attention, and my little potty prince was pooping on his porcelain throne, adorned with a "Cars" themed potty seat (The movie "Cars," not the radio station). After just a few minor accidents, we can officially say that Parker has mastered the potty.

My wife and I are 'relieved' to have reached this moment in our lives! After doing it for more than seven years straight, we never have to buy diapers again!!! Oh yeah, and that we're proud that all three of our kids are potty-pros! But there's just one problem... now that we can all sing "The Potty Dance," we are fighting for the bathroom. So with potty training behind us, my wife and I are counting the days until they move out so we can finally poop in peace!