We've all seen those commercials for the ASPCA where Sarah McLachlan makes us feel bad for abused dogs (which any decent person already would).  You know the commercials, right?  We see sad, slow-motion video of dogs in cages, then she tries to solicit money from us, all while "Angel" plays in the background. Well, she has a new commercial for Audi where she spoofs herself... yet Jeremy Fenech spoofed her months ago!

The reaction on the web to her new commercial is primarily negative.  It features still shots of a vicious looking, possibly rabid canine, and she wrote a song that plays in the background called "Misunderstood."  The AUDI commercial is disturbing on many levels, while Jeremy's spoof, is a light-hearted spin on the original.  See the new Audi commercial below, and check out Jeremy's hilarious PSA here.

Does Your Dog Suffer From Obsessive Oversized Puppy Syndrome (OOPS)? Jeremy's Does [VIDEO]