A hilarious video that's gone viral this week featuring race car driver Jeff Gordon taking a car salesman on a wild wild wild test drive, turns out to be fake.

Gordon supposedly dons phony facial hair in order to disguise himself before an "unsuspecting" car salesman, then meekly begins the test drive, cowering at the power of the '09 Chevy Camaro. Then he magically morphs into a crazy stunt driver and scares the poop out of the polyester-clad sales-dude.

It's hilarious! But it's also fake, fake, fake.

Emails began pouring into the Washington Post when they featured the video on their website, with readers pointing out myriad reasons for their disbelief. First of all, there was no '09 Camaro, and the interior appeared to have been modified for the video. Oops.

The video is actually produced by 'Gifted Youth,' which is a division of Will Ferrell's 'Funny or Die' comedy website.

Funny, funny, funny, but fake, fake, fake!

- George McIntyre
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