Maybe you've seen the ads on social media for GlowBowl, the motion-activated LED toilet night light.

Sure, I thought it looked gimmicky when I saw the ad on Facebook, but in a moment of weakness, I thought, "What the heck," and entered my credit card number. I'd almost forgotten about it when the package arrived a few days later.

Turns out, it is a truly gimmicky, but it is one cool little device that catches everyone's attention when they walk by our bathroom.

If you're not familiar, GlowBowl is a little device that hangs over the edge of the toilet bowl. The LED light illuminates the inside of the bowl with the color of your choice. It's motion-activated, so when you approach it in the middle of the night, it gives off just enough light to keep you from running into something.

It greatly increases the chances that I'll hit the mark. And it prevents a certain someone who shares my last name from falling in. Big plus.

By the way, this is not a paid endorsement. I'm giving the GlowBowl a glowing review just because it deserves it. (Click here if you want to order one for yourself.)

Like I said, it's just a dumb little night light for the toilet, but of all the things I've bought online, this is one of the coolest.