Why do I have a love of horrible B-movies and sarcastic comments? It's Mystery Science Theater 3000's fault.

If you are not familiar with this cult series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, you are totally missing out. Basically, it's a show about a couple of sassy robots and a guy who is forced to watch horrible movies by two evil scientist who sent him up in space to the 'Satellite of Love'. Now, I know you are asking, "Why doesn't he just not watch the movies?" Well, you see, he used those special parts to make is robot friends.

It looks like the newly rebooted series will be on Netflix very soon, according to the Hollywood Reporter. I'm so excited about this because I grew up watching MST3K. I will have to say, this show is one of the main reasons why I wanted to get into media of some sort. I realized, yeah, I'm weird, but I should embrace my weirdness and let my freak flag fly!

But for now, I will await the offerings of the new MST3K on Netflix. And when it drops, you better either stay clear of me or come on over for a MST3K party!