This is one of the main reasons I grow a garden every year.  I have been picking lettuce for salads and sandwiches for quite some time, but have been patiently waiting for my tomatoes to ripen.   

Finally, my prayers were answered!  Two of my Rutgers tomatoes reached their peak of ripeness this week.  So I plucked them from the vine and picked some lettuce and spinach leaves from my container garden.

As luck would have it, Meijer had turkey bacon on sale this week, so I grabbed a couple of packages while we were there this morning.  I had my bread, my Miracle Whip.  I was ready.

I like mine toasted and my bacon a little chewy but on the verge of crispness.  I managed to cook it up without setting off the smoke alarm, so I was truly on a roll today. 

After making one for my wife, I had enough to make two for me. 

BLT's fresh from your garden, truly one of the simple pleasures of life. 

Go make yourself one!