Sure, everyone's been "buzzing" about Pat Sajak's revelation that he and Vanna White would sometimes enjoy a liquid lunch before taping "Wheel Of Fortune." But is there proof?


In the "spirit" of fun, I'd like to show you three videos:

First, Conan O'Brien and crew found a clip in which Sajak and White sound like they indeed had six margaritas. OK, so maybe they manipulated it a little, but it's worth a look.

And take a look at the second video from February of 1984. Nobody's falling-down drunk, but Sajak does mention that his mind has turned to mayonnaise. (Did he mean "Tequila?") And oh boy, look at the hair and glasses on those contestants!

Then just for fun, watch the third clip. Pat and Vanna weren't drunk, but this contestant may have been! Is this the dumbest "Wheel" player ever?


Wheel of Fortune from February 14, 1984:


And is this the dumbest "Wheel" player ever?