What is Ted Cruz hiding from the American people? Possibly a ton of spandex and Aqua-net.

The latest Internet rumor on the secret life of a potential Republican nominee for President has some wondering, could it be? Could Ted Cruz be the lead singer to a 80s metal band, Styper? First, Cruz was accused of being the Zodiac Killer, never mind the fact that if Cruz was such a horrific person, he would've had to have started his murderous spree when he was about four years-old. Of course that rumor doesn't have too much substance to it.

But, if you look at the photographic evidence that has been flying around the Internet on this latest accusation, the evidence is pretty damning. I was pretty convinced, until the actual lead singer to Styper, yes he is still around, tweeted his response to the rumors:

So I guess my doppelgänger is @tedcruz? Guess I better cancel the @Stryper tour so I can focus on my campaign;-)


Alright, so we can put this to rest. Ted Cruz is NOT the lead singer of a 80s metal band. -- Or is he?