Perhaps you remember the scandal that swirled around the voice behind a beloved Sesame Street character a few months ago. The allegations were pretty shocking, and now Hollywood has nominated him for two daytime Emmy Awards.

Is that a little out of line?

Kevin Clash is the former 'Elmo' puppeteer who came under fire for allegedly having sexual relationships with minors. The first accuser came forward last November, and since then several more have come forward with very similar stories. Clash maintains that he was in a "consenting" relationship with the first accuser and denies all other allegations.

Those accusations did cause the voice of 'Elmo' to ultimately resign from his job with the iconic children's show 'Sesame Street'. Clash said that he didn't want to be a "distraction" from the important work that 'Sesame Street' was doing. Read Sesame Street's official statement here.

It was announced yesterday that the former puppeteer is up for two prestigious daytime Emmy awards, including one for "outstanding performer in a children's series".

While it's true that criminal charges were never filed against Mr. Clash, the multiple allegations were sexual and involved minors. When you also take into account that he worked for a very popular children's series, do you think the Emmy nominations are appropriate given the circumstances?