After his daughter Brennan was brutally attacked in her Williamston home years ago, a Michigan man has drawn on that experience, and invented a device that could be used to keep kids safe. Rob Coutuier's invention is called 'The Boot' and you simply drop it into place in order to keep a door from opening.

"My daughter called me after that Sandy Hook thing and said, 'You know, that little metal thing that you invented, if Sandy Hook would have had that in their school, those teachers wouldn't have to worry about having their doors locked. They could have just dropped the boot in and it would have saved every one of the children's lives," Couturier told ABC-12.

The device costs about $230, and Couturier hopes to market it to school districts to protect students from intruders. Although no patent information is available, the device is similar to a Flint-made device called 'Nightlock', marketed locally by Taylor Brothers Door Lock.


- George McIntyre
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