In order to save money, Camden County officials in Georgia are thinking about having inmates work at fire stations. There wouldn't be a guard, but there would be a surveillance camera to monitor them and firefighters would be trained to monitor them as well, according to WLS.

Officials say this could save the county $500,000 a year by using inmates at three fire stations in the area. So if this were to happen locally, how would you feel about it? Genesee County inmates already help clean up parks and help set up for the Crim, but what if they were working as a police officer or firefighter?

This could even be a possibility here, especially since the board of commissioners voted for more layoffs, which will affect fire and police departments. Think about it, this would be a way to get more force out there and a way to save the county money. Good or bad idea? Would you feel safe if inmates were working for the county?