If you have a class reunion, a family gathering or just a hot date, and that heap that you drive just won't do, the rental car company Hertz now has some sweet rides for rent that are guaranteed to impress!

If a sensible rental car just doesn't scream fun to you, heads up. The rental car company, Hertz, is rolling out their "Dream Cars Service" line of rental cars.

Why rent a Ford Focus, or a practical minivan when you can rent a luxurious Bentley or a stupid fast Lamborghini or Porsche? The new service from Hertz even includes several sporty Mercedes Benz models for your class reunion or family picnic. If you have always dreamed of driving a Ferrari or Aston Martin, they offer those too.

The privilege of driving one of these beauties does not come cheap. A Porsche will run $350 daily, a Lamborghini costs $1500, and an Aston Martin is a bargain at $1000 per day. Those prices include 75 miles per day and "VIP perks".