#I'mSoFlint has been popping up in social media over the last several days. Sometimes the hashtag evokes memories of Flint's heyday, when General Motors ruled the land. Some have poked fun at the Buick City, referencing its socioeconomic decline.

Some of the tweets and Facebook posts I've seen have been derogatory, but most seem to be good-natured. Have you ever met a city that is as good at self-deprecating humor as Flint? I certainly can't think of one. Here are a few that I've seen, and feel free to share yours below.

"I'm so Flint I still ask for Hamady sacks at Kroger's."

Actually, you're so Flint because you called it "Kroger's."

"I'm so Flint that I know you don't go north of Rally's."

We're assuming you mean the one downtown. From the I'm So Flint Facebook page:

"I'm so Flint  i remember playing ice hockey at kennedy park, mamorial park, whaley park, and lincin park(broom park), oh by the way they where all out door ice rinks. but what i really love to remember is the late 70's early 80's when flint was a boom town in my eyes. everybody was working if they wanted to, and the flint school system was good s***. man how time changes our world!!" [sic]

What makes you so Flint? Feel free to show us your serious side, or your sarcastic side in the comments section below.