The "I Love Lucy" Christmas episode that first aired on CBS in 1956 will air again this Friday, with color.

See what you think.

"I Love Lucy" is must see TV to this day. The iconic comedy is still ranked number two on TV Guide's list of all time greatest TV shows, with "Seinfeld" at number one.

To celebrate the immortality of the show CBS has planned a broadcast of the "I Love Lucy" Christmas special that first aired in 1956 for this Friday, with a twist. Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel and little Ricky will be in color this time. CBS has also colorized scenes from one of my favorite episodes in which Lucy stomps grapes during a trip to Italy.

Why is CBS adding color to Lucy and the crew? Ken Ross, the Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Home Entertainment explains in the video below.

See a sneak preview from the colorized version of the "I Love Lucy" Christmas special that will air on CBS stations on Friday, December 20 at 8pm EST below.

Reviews from fans are mixed. Some welcome the colorized versions of one of their favorite television shows. Others say that black and white episodes should stay just the way they are, especially at this most nostalgic time of the year.

If you won't be in front of your TV this Friday, order the episode online here.