The I-69 corridor between Flint and Lansing is closed right now due to a police situation. A Cars 108 listener reported that a police chase that started after a man robbed a bank in Lansing led police to a deer blind in Bancroft. Because the deer blind is in such close proximity to the freeway, officials have closed I-69 near mile marker 110 Morrice Road.

Michigan State Police we unable to confirm these reports as of 5:36pm 3/3/2014. Listen to Cars 108 for further developments.

UPDATE (6:42pm): We were informed by a Cars 108 listener that the suspect has been apprehended.

UPDATE (10:11pm): According to the State of Michigan's Traffic Site, the Eastbound corridor of I-69 remains closed between Perry and Bancroft.

UPDATE 3/4/2014: The standoff ended around 10:30pm last night.  One report says that the suspect took his own life and police found him dead in the deer blind to which he fled after crashing his car during the police chase.