How much time does the average woman (is there such a thing?) spend on her hair in a lifetime? The statistics might surprise you! Hit read more to see how you compare.

I have a short style that takes just a minute in the morning, so these stats don't apply to me at all, but according to a recent poll conducted by professional haircare company, an average woman will spend the equivalent of ten days a year fixing their hair in a year! Let me break it down into a daily routine. 10 minutes, on average, is spent on daily washing and conditioning. Another 15 minutes are spent with a blow dryer, and 15 more are spent in the actual styling of a woman's hair. That totals 40 minutes a day spent just on hair, longer for a special event, or a big night out! To take the statistics even further, 12 percent of the ladies surveyed said that they have cancelled plans because of a bad hair day, and the same survey found that women claimed to experience bad hair days three days a week. That equals 26 years of an average lifetime spent with bad hair!

How much time do you spend on your hair? Have you ever cancelled a date or a girl's night out because of your hair?